As some of you may have noticed when selling a player on the transfer market you don’t ever receive the full amount of coins that he sold for. This is because there’s a taxing levy system within the game mode that’s commonly called ‘EA Tax’. As it’s essentially incorporated by EA Sports to help fight inflation in the in-game market.

Why have EA introduced this?

FUT Tax is nothing new. It’s been in the game ever since Ultimate Team had a transfer market in FIFA 09 when the game mode was created and sold as an add-on. The actual tax figure is 5.3% of the final sold price. Therefore if you sell a player for 100,000 coins, you will receive only 94,700 FUT Coins after EA tax.

The purpose of EA Sports’ introduction of the taxing system was their attempt at being a governing body and keeping player prices sensible. This is because the only other ways other than tax that coins escape the game is to buy FIFA packs, discard valuable players or applying consumables. As opposed to the many ways that FIFA Ultimate Team coins are introduced into the game economy by millions of FUT users playing games and winning coins, opening packs with FIFA points and completing the manager tasks once.

Why do EA need more Coins?

There’s a common misconception that EA take your coins as tax and pocket them for themselves. This is totally not the case.. they simply evaporate from the games economy.

Reception to EA’s Taxing System

No FIFA Ultimate Team user wants EA’s taxing system to be a part of the game. Just like how most businesses don’t want the government’s taxing system to be enforced but it must for the greater good of the community and future.

How this affects you

Obviously any time you come to sell an item on the transfer market you will be affected by the taxing system. Therefore, you must take their 5.3% levy into your calculation sum when trying to work out whether you can sell your current team and buy a new team.

Secondly, when you come to buy FIFA 14 Coins it’s important that you take the EA tax into consideration once again. This is because if you target a Sergio Aguero (for example) and he’s worth 100k coins then buying 100k FIFA Ultimate Team coins won’t be sufficient enough as EA will take 5.3k. Leaving you a tad short on affording your star player.

No FIFA coin trader covers tax when selling FIFA Coins as they’d be literally selling you 105k coins for the price of 100k.

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Does EA Tax Exist Elsewhere?

Yes! In fact, in every EA Sports game that has an auction house, they use a taxing system with various percentages. MUT Coins for Madden are taxed at 10%, whereas HUT Coins for NHL is taxed at 5% and so is NBA Live Mobile Coins.