When looking to buy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins you need to be sure you’re purchasing from a reliable source. Therefore we have put together a 4 must do procurement policy before you go ahead and purchase the coins. This is because we have seen a VERY large amount of Chinese scam sites being introduced into the FIFA Coin selling market.

They put their prices to half the correct retail price to lure customers in. When they receive their money they simply do not deliver the FIFA Coins. Effectively stealing your hard-earned money.

If you have been subjected to theft from one of these dodgy Chinese websites then there is a way to claw your money back. Most of these websites use PayPal as their payment processor so if you ring them up or email them with your payment details such as name, where you bought the coins from, reason for disputing the transaction (not receiving the goods) and the time/date. They should be able to chargeback the transaction and return the funds into your PayPal/bank account.

The Best FIFA Coin Websites:

FIFA Ultimate Team – https://www.fifaultimateteam.com/

FIFA Coin Store – https://www.fifacoinstore.com/

4 Step Procurement Policy

1 – Check their reviews – Every website and e-commerce site should have reviews from their past customers. Read them thoroughly and check the source of the reviews. Some of these Chinese websites have started to create their own with generic English names. Websites like FIFA Coin Store and ourselves at FUT Coins Now have independent reviews meaning that it’s impossible to fake or create your own reviews. If you read how Feefo (an independent reviews system) works the customers receives the option to write a review about their experience upon completion of their order. The main thing about this is that the merchant has no option to approve or disapprove the review so regardless of whether it’s a positive review or not the public will be able to see it. So you get to read real, genuine reviews from real customers.

FIFA Coin Site2 – View their social media pages – An easy way to spot a dodgy website is to visit their social media pages and read what people are saying about them in the comments area. As you see from the image to the left I found these disgruntled customers immediately.


3 – Ask for company information – Most websites will have a live chat feature (often located in the bottom right hand corner of the website – like ours) whereby an agent can assist you through the process of receiving your FIFA Coins and also quash any fears of illegitimacy. So feel free to ask the agent for their company information as they should be registered with the Companies House. Get their company name or number and use Companies House’s webcheck tool that will let you look up this information and confirm it.

4 – Check whether they have secured website – A quick way to find a companies/websites legitimacy is if they have a EV SSL secured website. This can be seen by Secured FIFA Coin Websitesimply looking at the URL bar – if it’s green and contains a company name then an SSL issuing company will have audited the website and confirmed that the website belongs to the respective company that is registered with the companies house. If you click on the padlock on the URL bar is should display the company’s information like so:




Found a Legitimate Website?

Once you have found a legitimate website there are a number of factors which could sway your preference from one website to another. These could be: –

  • Speed of coin delivery – We’ve all bought something online and wanted it immediately and there’s no change here with buying FIFA Coins. Therefore websites such as ourselves have implemented an automated delivery system that has the ability to purchase your worthless player immediately via automated software. During the buying process you manually select your player from the FIFA transfer market and upon completion of your payment the automated system purchases your player. Thus delivering the FUT Coins without any human interaction needed. 24/7 – any day of the year as software doesn’t need to sleep.
  • Price – When buying anything you try to save money by comparing websites/shops. Try to find the cheapest FIFA Coin selling site but like we previously mentioned, if it’s too good to be true.. it usually is. As we’re the market leader we’re able to buy FUT Coins in bulk and sell them at discounted prices to our customers, thus passing the saving onto you, keeping us as the cheapest coin site available.