The football game market has two major players. The first is of course FIFA, which has an endless amount of fans, whilst the second is Pro Evolution Soccer which is somewhat less popular as a whole though has its own fan club. The FIFA Vs Pro Evolution Soccer argument can be heard from offices to schoolyards throughout the country. This article aims to highlight both the good and the bad of both games, so you can make the best possibility decision when parting with your hard earned cash.

It is likely that each game has a number of areas which have witnessed more significant development than others within the game. We will therefore first outline what we consider better about FIFA Vs Pro Evolution soccer. The first point is based around legal considerations and consists of who has rights to use official names from real life. In the old days Pro Evolution soccer failed to gain any licensing agreements so would have to alter the names of all the players within teams. This often annoyed players significantly. The fact that Pro Evolution Soccer (Pro Evo) couldn’t use official names has since been changed in regards to names of individual players, yet still remains in regards to names of leagues.

FIFA has also invested a lot more time, effort and money into the engine of the game, which ensures that player movement is both fluid and realistic. When you play modern FIFA games, game play mimics matches very closely, in the way in which players effortlessly drift around the pitch. This is somewhat different to Pro Evolution Soccer which has more dated player movement, which seems quite unrealistic.

Modern gaming is becoming more and more about playing online, with players wanting to be connected. This may range from playing school friends on the internet to joining full scale online tournaments. The importance of online play is a very important feature. FIFA excels over Pro Evolution Soccer in this context with the number of online leagues available for players.

As was previously highlighted FIFA has traditionally been far more successful in regards to securing licensing. This is also the case in regards to commentators with FIFA using official commentators. Commentary is also far more comprehensive on FIFA in respect to Pro Evolution soccer with more general talk going on between commentators. This helps create a more authentic game play experience.

So far it sounds as though FIFA beats Pro Evolution Soccer in just about all areas with no need for players to ever consider playing Pro Evolution Soccer. This is not completely fair however and a few ways in which Pro Evolution Soccer beats FIFA will now be talked about. The first feature is that regarding personal player creation. The Pro Evolution player creator is far more comprehensive and has a greater number of graphics options. This is especially true in regards to deciding what training players will undergo.

Game play was talked about briefly and it was stated how FIFA seems more fluid than Pro Evolution Soccer. This may well be the case, but Pro Evolution Soccer does happen to have one area which is better. This is the realistic of the pitch and grounds. Pro evolution soccer goes much further to replicate both the exact pitch size, as well as the grounds of stadiums. The pitch size on FIFA seems to have been altered in order to benefit game play. This means that it is adjusted in favour of attackers and does not provide a realistic representation of the game.

The choice in the FIFA Vs Pro Evolution Soccer contest really does depends on individual players as well as their preferences. Both games excel in different areas which some players may consider to be more important than others. We would however go with FIFA due to the increasing importance of online play.

Further to the advances of FIFA, they now have free to download iOS and Android applications of the game. Obviously as stated in our older articles the game play has been cut short due to the game engine demands on the phone. They’re essentially lite versions of the console game as they have to be small in memory size for users to think it’s worth of taking their 8/16GB iPhones or Androids.