Players will often become extremely disillusioned with FIFA ultimate team if there squad fails to have good chemistry. Players of FIFA Ultimate team could buy all the coins in the world; spend all day playing creating what they perceive to be a strong squad. This may not be the case however in regards to match performance if chemistry among players is bad. Players must first identify what chemistry is in order to optimise it within their squad. This article will run you through what FIFA ultimate team chemistry is, and how to calculate it within your squad.

The way to best describe FIFA ultimate team chemistry is that of a test between the cohesiveness of your squad. The actual measurement of chemistry therefore consists of a player’s content playing in the position you have selected, as well as his ability to link up with your other players. One of the biggest mistakes regarding chemistry is those who decide to play certain players out of position, believing it will cause no harm. Even playing outfield players in slightly different positions will be detrimental.

The makers of FIFA ultimate team have released statements explaining to players the importance of good chemistry which has been historically underestimated. They highlight how one of the best teams on paper with low chemistry could be beaten by a lower league team with good chemistry. The obvious implications of EA sports statement are obvious.  You should not build a squad around players, but target those for your club who will improve chemistry. The first type of chemistry is the overall chemistry of your team which will take a value from 0 to 100, with players having a rating based on position from 0 to 10.

When you are flicking through currently listed players, you should be looking for those with an Ultimate team chemistry at 10, or even around 9 or so. Of course how fussy you are will likely depend on the standard of your team. Players who are consistent in searching for players with good chemistry for their squad will be able to make there overall team strong. Should they manage to get their squad to near 100, all opposition should be beaten. Players can begin adjusting chemistry by selecting a manager who is the nationality of the majority of players on the pitch. Also make sure you have strong replacements, as throwing on any players can upset the chemistry of your whole team.