Are you a YouTuber, Twitch (or otherwise streamer) or a website/shop owner?

If so you’re more than likely viable for a sponsorship. Rewarding you in either cash or free FIFA Coins depending on your criteria.

How FIFA Coin Sponsorships Work

Usually there are two coin sponsorship types:-

  • Commission based
  • Coins per video/week

The former type gives the affiliate a cut of any sale they bring. So if their affiliate rate is 10% and a customer they refer spends £100 then you will earn £10. Redeemable in cash or FIFA Ultimate Team Coins. This type of sponsorship type is more commonly used as it’s no loss to the coin site and it’s an incentive for the affiliate to advertise the site more because the more they do, more their audience spends and the more coins/cash they earn.

The latter option is hardly used at all and is a large misconception that FIFA Coin sites will freely give away their assets in return for a false promise that A) The affiliate will advertise the website and B) Bring the sales they promise. The only people who are on this type of scheme is the really famous FIFA YouTubers such as KSI, Wroetoshaw, Nepenthez and JoshFlip for example.

Although they’d like you to think they get paid in FIFA Coins for those mega high rated squads, they don’t. They get paid heavily in hard cash and are bound to legal contracts to advertise the website at the start of every FIFA related video and include the website’s link in the top line of the description area of their videos. These contacts are handled by lawyers due to the severity and amount of money involved.

Therefore if you’re an upcoming YouTuber then the best bet you’re going to get is a commission based sponsorship until you hit the big time. Meanwhile you could still make a pretty penny being a commission based affiliate.

How Your Sales Are Tracked

Once you’re a registered affiliate with a FIFA Coin site, they will provide you with a URL link that once a customer clicks the website tracks any activity the user does. Once (if) they purchase from the site then that sale and amount will be recorded for the site and the affiliate to see. The website will give you a special affiliate log in details that you will need to use to log in and view how you’re performing. It will show the amount of visitors you’ve brought and how much they have spent.

Usually there will be an option to withdraw your commission through your selected means; bank transfer, PayPal or Skrill. Alternatively if you decide to redeem your commission in FIFA Coins then you will be given store credit to spend on their FUT coins.

Where Can I Find a Sponsorship Site?

Currently we’re working on our sponsorship software so we’re unable to track sales currently, therefore we don’t currently offer an affiliate scheme. However FIFA Coin Store does.

A link to their Sponsorship page:

Or alternatively at:

Their minimum sponsorship requirements are at least 1,000 subscribers. If this is applicable for you then go ahead and sign up to start earning :)