Sell FIFA Coins

At some point or another we, as gamers, grow bored of our games and move onto newer games. Or in FIFA’s case, a new edition of FIFA is released every year to keep up with player’s progression, clubs and to improve the gameplay.

However EA Sports see this as an opportunity to make users of FIFA Ultimate Team to start their FUT Clubs from the beginning again with next to no players and no FIFA coins. Therefore wise FUT users tend to sell off their current edition FIFA Ultimate Team Coins before the new game is released and their old coins are rendered useless and worthless.

For that reason some users tend to sell their FIFA 16 Coins whilst they still have a value, wait until FIFA 16 is released and then buy back FIFA 16 Coins with the same money. Granted they won’t receive the same amount of FIFA Coins they sold but that money will go some way into starting your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

Sell FIFA Coins Here:

Sell Them Safely

Just like when you first bought your FIFA Coins it’s important that you follow our procurement policy found here when selling your FIFA Coins. As there’s many scam Chinese websites that will take your FUT 16 coins and run.

Try to avoid selling your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins on forums and social media sites because you don’t know the buyer. They could be anyone. And with the kind of market that you’re going to be trading with there’s plenty of scammers lurking about, as you may already know. The chargeback rate that’s included with our market is the highest rate in the world, hence why PayPal try to avoid merchants that sell FIFA 16 Coins. Furthermore PayPal will not protect you against any chargeback claims because like I said, they try to avoid FIFA Coin selling merchants from using their services.

This can be evidenced by PayPal’s other company – eBay. Up until about 6 months ago eBay had a zero tolerance stance of digital sales due to the high amount of chargebacks filed with PayPal.

This is the reason why we recommend against using eBay to sell your FIFA Coins as scammers know they can buy your coins and chargeback the transaction as PayPal and eBay cannot track that the goods were sent and received (because they are digital). Therefore the scammers money is returned to them and they also have possession of your Ultimate Team Coins which they tend to sell to FIFA Coin selling websites for money.


Where to Sell Your FIFA Coins

As previously mentioned you should follow our procurement policy which will guide you through the murky fields of the FIFA coin market.

Always stick to selling to reputable websites like our own. Read reviews, check the website’s social media pages, ask for the company’s information and check the websites security when it comes to secure payments.

If you wish to sell your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coins to us at FUT Coins Now then you can do so via our Sell FIFA Coins page. As our website is fully automated, our website will automatically list a player for you to purchase and once sold the payment will be disbursed into your Skrill account instantly.