The developers of FIFA at EA sports are constantly making changes to the game, in order to enhance both gameplay and user experience. Previous articles have helped promote awareness to a degree of such changes, yet have not really comprehensively explained the newest and best features of the latest app. The latest version of the FUT 14 web application allows you to do a number of things which you cannot do on console. Most of these changes revolve around both managing your club in regards to the buying and selling of players, as well as how you interact with other players and your friends. The game has now shifted via the medium of the FUT 14 web application to be centred around your performance relative to others, as opposed to just your own.

Players who play the game on both console and via the app have also changed their priorities and things that they pursue when playing the game. This is as a result of the release of the FUT 14 web application. The most start of these changes has been a significant increase in interest in the accumulation of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins opposed to simple just winning games and tournaments. The whole market place process has become a game in its own right, and is the sole activity of many players.

Of course there has been major fall out regarding the shift from players just wanting to play matches to those who now want to play in order to build a dream squad. This has also resulted in players wanting to keep up with football news more, in order to spot inform players (IF) which will rise in value, and those who have fallen out of favour. This is arguably one of the biggest shifts in the way in which FIFA is played since its development.

Due to the prominence of coins in the modern FIFA game, and players willingness to accumulate these FIFA Coins, there has been a spike in the number of con artists looking to exploit players. These include a series of scam websites offering coin accumulation tips and tricks as discussed in other articles, to those genuinely selling FIFA Coins, all be it at a much higher rate. It is recommended that any serious player of FIFA ultimate team reads these articles as they will go a certain way to prevent users being scammed.

The FUT 14 Web Application has had a positive affect for players overall with the ability to trade on the go arguably the most prominent change for players. Players must however remain vigilant, due to the onset of scammers. EA take a tough stance against any phishing sites whereby scammers create a free website that looks identical to the web app log in page and spams their domain link across the internet, EA Forums and also via private message through their console. If you do find a phishing site, immediately report it to EA’s customer service so they can take the necessary actions to take the site down and protect the FUT community.

The major advantage to the FIFA Web App is the speed of search results. When using the console you have lag between each interface. When using the web or phone app results load faster because the hardware used on PC’s and the latest mobile phones have higher specs than even the latest next gen consoles. This allows your device to process your search criteria faster and then return your results accordingly. A further advantage to using the PC web app is that it returns 15 results per page as opposed to the console transfer market that only returns 10 per page. So this allows you to analyse the market faster and make a quick decision on whether you’ve found a good deal or not.