If you’re an avid user of EA Sports’ FIFA 14 Ultimate Team then you will have come across the concept of FIFA Coins, commonly known as FUT Coins.

FIFA Ultimate Team Coins are used as a medium of trade throughout the game mode where users will buy and sell FUT players for these coins. Obviously the more coins you have, the better the players you’ll be able to buy. Furthermore, the better the players you own in your side, the more games and trophies you should win. Thus helping you to progress through the game faster.

To gain FIFA 14 Coins however can be a pain, or a grind as most gamers would refer to it as. This is because FUT Coins are only introduced into the game by playing FIFA games where you will be awarded a set number of coins depending on your performance and match result. However not all users of FIFA 14 have spare time to invest into playing the game to achieve the better players. Therefore users will always to look for shortcuts within the game, whether that comes from cheats, glitches or other methods which we’ll discuss as there’s no such cheats within this game mode.

Free Ultimate Team Coins
Like anything that’s in demand whether that’s a service or goods, physical or virtual, they will possess a value. Therefore FIFA Ultimate Team coins, a virtual currency, is worth real life physical money.

To many people this may seem madness. Why would someone trade real life cash for virtual cash? Well like any hobby, hobbies usually cost money and there’s no difference in gaming. If you want to progress through the game faster you will have to invest A) Time B) Money or C) Time + Money.

There will always be people who have more of the two factors whether that’s time or money. The people with the time factor might want to invest that time into the game and then sell the FIFA Coins they earn for real life money. Then there’s other kinds of people who may have family or work commitments who can’t invest as much time into the game as they would like to and would rather just have a helping hand in the game by buying the FUT Coins off someone else.

Ultimately this means that there isn’t such a thing as free FIFA coins as they hold a value and people know it. People in real life don’t just hand money out for free and essentially giving Ultimate Team coins away is the same effect.

How To Buy FIFA Ultimate Team Coins
There are multiple websites that sell FIFA 14 Coins to the public, however there are just as many Chinese scam sites out there. Therefore we have compiled a list of legit websites that are well known in the FIFA community and are advertised on famous Youtube channels. They are: –

FUT Coins Now – http://www.futcoinsnow.com/
FIFA Coin Store – http://www.fifacoinstore.com/
Buy FIFA Coins – http://www.buyfifacoins.com/
FIFA Ultimate Team Coins – http://www.fifaultimateteamcoins.co.uk/
FUT Coins Trader – http://www.futcoinstrader.com/
Ultimate Team Coin Store – http://www.ultimateteamcoinstore.com/
FIFA Ultimate Team – http://www.fifaultimateteam.com/

When you’re buying FIFA Coins from one of the sites above you simply need to list a worthless player on the transfer market for the same BUY NOW price as the amount of coins you wish to buy. So for example if you’re wanting to buy 150k FUT Coins you just need to list a (bronze) player on the market for 150,000 BUY NOW and the site will purchase your card as soon as your payment has cleared. Thus causing you to receive a substantial amount of coins for a worthless card.

The same methods above can be replicated on Madden whereby people can get Free Madden Mobile Coins for iOS or Android. Visit www.MUTCoins.com for more information!