FIFA ultimate team has revolutionised the football game market by changing the objective for players. Initially players would play to just win individual games, but now the objective of the game is to build the best squad players can. Players, as previously stated, must look at what formation they must use to suit the style of play they wish to adopt. You should therefore decide what type of football you would like to play and build your squad around this. This is a contrast to simply looking for the names you want to appear on your team sheet. Looking for just players alone is likely to cause you problems in regards to chemistry within your squad which was previously discussed in an article. Chemistry is of course paramount when making a squad.

Players should first decide on the type of football that they would like to play, and hence thereafter decide the best formation and set of players to achieve this. Think about the football you would like to play on FIFA ultimate team before making any major decisions. This may be whether you’re a team which relies on sustained build-up or prefers just an all out attack to surprise an opponent’s defence. The beauty of the game at the end of the day is that the choice is completely up to you. It is also wise to consider the nationality of players who will play for your team. One of the most popular tactics is selecting a squad of purely Brazilian players as you can get a range of talent for a good price. Picking players from countries whose leagues you know more about may also be a good option.

Though, of course, building the ultimate team which consists of entirely one nationality is unlikely to be easy, due to the difficulty in acquiring the best players from all of these countries. This problem is also compounded by the players playing for a range of different clubs, which will of course affect your chemistry detrimentally. Getting around the nationality problem is of course achievable. A great option is to make sure those players who link up the most significantly all play for the same club. An example of this may be picking the back four from Chelsea. Of course, it will also help you significantly if these players happen to be from the same country.