If you have been playing FIFA 14 Ultimate Team for any significant period of time you have probably realised that EA sports create a team of the week. The team of the week (TOTW) consists of the best performers from the previous week as was already talked about. Players do not know too much, however, about exactly how the FIFA 14 ultimate team of the year is formed. We will run through this now.

Throughout the year 2013 there were 55 nominees for the FIFA Team of the Year, though when it came down to it, only 11 players could be selected. This year’s or be it last year’s FIFA 14 ultimate team of the year happened to be all from Barcelona which was arguably quite controversial. Certain Spanish players included in the squad were predictable with of course Messi featuring due to his outstanding performance. Of course the fact that the FIFA 14 ultimate team of the year consisted of so many Spanish players was probably due also to the performance of Spanish clubs in the champions’ league.

The other articles written regarding the team of the week highlighted how players were given black cards (inform players), should they make the team of the week, which would mean that their attributes had been boosted. The FIFA 14 team of the year players have blue cards however, which also means that there statistics have been significantly boosted. The value of these players is of course much greater as well.

We previously discussed quite extensively the different ways to profit from playing the game in the form of making coins. The FIFA 14 ultimate team of the year is a great way to profiteer, as it is likely that the value of players included in the team will see their value sky rocket. Of course if you can predict who will feature in the team, you will be able to make money, but it is likely that the players included will see their values rise prior to the team of the year being released. This is due to the predictability of the team of the year squad, who were all high value players in the first place.

The FIFA 14 ultimate team of the year is selected by the EA Sports (FIFA developers), who look through a long list of different players and try to select those which have performed to the highest standard. The FIFA ultimate team nominees are rated on both team performance as well as personal performance. Performance at both the team and the individual level includes passing at interaction with other players, and not just goals.

If you’re trying to complete your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Manager Tasks then you don’t necessarily have to beat the team of the week for the challenge but you do simply have to finish the game. When you come to challenging the TOTW you get to select the level of difficulty the CPU will play at. Obviously the harder the difficulty level, the more coins you will receive as a reward for beating the team of the week.

Now that we’re at the end of FIFA 14, EA have, like usual, started to release FIFA Team of the Season (TOTS) players along with their weekly TOTW. Allowing you to play against these uber TOTS players and test them out before you possibly buy them. However as you can imagine these will be much harder to defeat than the regular Team of the Week because of their impressive stat boosts. Although after saying that the rewards for beating the Team of the Season squad you will not receive an even bigger reward bonus than what you do for beating the regular TOTW squad.