In this example we’ll pretend a customer has chosen to buy 100k FIFA 15 Coins..

1. User browses our FIFA Coins Shop and selects the 100k product, adds it to their cart and proceeds onto the checkout.

2. The user then returns to their Ultimate Team, either through their console or web app. Afterwards they then have to list any (worthless) player on the market for the same amount of FIFA Coins they wish to buy – 100k.

NOTE: Set the BUY NOW field to 100,000 – any starting price will do fine. We recommend setting the auction duration to 3 DAYS. Like so:

Kevin Davies, FIFA CoinsWe require the BUY NOW price field to be filled instead of the start price because with the buy now field we have the ability to purchase the player straight off the market without having the auction time to lapse.

3. Once your player has been listed for 100,000 BUY NOW please return to our website and on the checkout you will be prompted to advise us of the player you have just listed on the market. In the example above we’ve listed Kevin Davies on the market.

The checkout will contain all the necessary fields you will need to complete in order to help us find your player on the market. For example:

Name: Would be Kevin Davies
Position: Would be Striker (ST)
Formation: Would be 433
League: Would be NPower Championship
Team: Would be Bolton
Your Club Name: e.g Class on Grass < Located in the top left of your Ultimate Team console or web app. This is important.

All the above fields are found by pressing your right analog stick in whilst hovering over the player card.

4. Once you have filled in all the fields on the checkout, simply select your payment method – Credit or Debit card (national payment methods such as iDEAL/Giropay/PostePay are also accepted) and confirm your payment.

5. Upon receiving your order and payment, we instantly begin to search for your player you’ve informed us of and purchase him straight away, thus fulfilling your order.

6. You will then need to refresh your trade pile (by leaving and re-entering Ultimate Team) and your account will be accredited with the coins!

Please note that we do not cover EA’s 5% tax.

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If any orders are not completed for whatever reason, they are eligible to refunded at the customer’s discretion.
Usually if any orders are not completed within 24 hours we will try to contact you via email to ask whether you would like to coins delivering or refunding. If you are unreachable for 7 days and the order still hasn’t been delivered we will refund the order ourselves.

Once the goods have been delivered no refunds are available thereafter.

If you have an order you would like refunding please contact us here.

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