Earlier this month EA Sports announced that they will not only be making inform players for the normal Ultimate Team game mode, they’ll also be releasing a world cup ultimate team edition game mode that’s free to all users of FIFA 14! This game mode will be available on all platforms.

World Cup Ultimate Team Edition Trailer

How It Works

Even though this is a spin-off edition of the main Ultimate Team game mode, it doesn’t operate the same way. There is no transfer market. Therefore you cannot trade your players. Once you pull players from FIFA packs they are yours and you cannot even trade them with your friends. Which brings me to the subject of how you get players.

Just like the normal Ultimate Team version, players are introduced into the game through FIFA Ultimate Team packs. However there are two different ways you can get FIFA players from packs.

  • Method 1 – Buying packs with FIFA Coins or FIFA Points.
  • Method 2 – Receive free FIFA players by simply completing a game whether that’s online or offline. EA Sports grant you 1 pack (redeemable from the FIFA Store) that simply contains 1 player and nothing else. Therefore the more games you play, the more players you will receive. On the other hand, if you receive the same player twice you will be forced to discard him for zero coins as you cannot send a duplicate player to your club and you cannot send him to the transfer market because there isn’t one.

In this game mode, you cannot play seasons, you really do play the World Cup tournament online against other people or offline against the computer. There is a qualifying stage whereby you play against 3 different players and the top 2 clubs progress onto the round of 16 knockout stage. Then obviously the quarters, semis and finals.

If you qualify for the knockout stages you will receive a 750 coin bonus along with your free player. Then for losing the quarters you will receive 1,500 coins. For losing the semi-finals you will receive 3,000 coins. For winning the whole tournament you will receive a whopping 30,000 FIFA Coins!

With regards to FIFA Ultimate Team coins, they will be transferable between the normal UT game mode and the World Cup edition. Same with your FIFA Points. So if you have 85,000 coins on the normal UT game mode you’ll be able to spend them on FIFA World Cup packs. And vice versa, if you win 30k FUT Coins in the WC game mode, you’ll be able to spend them on the normal FIFA 14 Ultimate Team game mode.

FIFA Packs

When it comes to FIFA Packs on the World Cup Ultimate Team, there isn’t a choice between bronze, silver or gold packs. There’s simply a standard pack that costs 5,000 coins. You will receive 12 items with a guaranteed minimum amount of 4 players.

When you do buy this pack you not only receive one pack, you receive two. Except the second pack is a gold pack on the normal Ultimate Team so you’re effectively getting two packs for the price of one.

Most users buy the World Cup pack, open it and jump onto the normal UT game mode to open up their gold pack to sell the content and buy back more WC packs.

Chemistry Changes

As there’s fewer players in this game mode EA have had to change how their chemistry system works slightly. There are no more leagues or clubs, it’s simply nation and confederations:

  • Europe
  • South America
  • Asia

So by having a player from the same nation as another you will have powerful green links. If they’re only from the same confederation it will be an orange link.

Di Maria (Argentina – South America) + Lionel Messi (Argentina – South America) = Green link

Neymar (Brazil – South America) + Vidal (Chile + South America) = Orange Link

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal – Europe) + Lionel Messi (Argentina – South America) = No chemistry link what so ever.