EA Sports have recently released a free-to-play version of FIFA called ‘FIFA World’.

It’s essentially a lite version of the full game that’s released on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC to name a few platforms. However this F2P game is only available on the PC and is aimed to cater to literally everyone in the world. Hence the name.

This is because the game engine and graphics used in this game are heavily sedated so anyone with an average computer will be able to play it. It isn’t resource heavy for your hardware to run so it’s perfect for a gamer who wants a pick up and play game. On the other hand if you’re a hardcore gamer or avid FIFA player then you’re better off buying the full FIFA game so you receive the best footballing gaming experience possible.

What’s included in FIFA World?

All the game modes, players and skill challenges are included in FIFA World. Essentially everything is except the game play you receive will run off a game engine used in a predecessor FIFA game such as FIFA 2010.

One drawback that I see of playing FIFA on a PC is the controls. As when you’re playing FIFA there are numerous amount of buttons that you press simultaneously and when playing on the PC you’ll have to use the mouse to aim where you want to pass and shoot and the keyboards WASD buttons to move your player. This is much simpler when using a control pad and luckily FIFA have incorporated controller pad settings for FIFA World so you don’t have to struggle using the keyboard and mouse.

Why is it free?

It’s not free because EA are generous. Kind of the opposite. Their hope is that a free game will get players hooked on playing their game and will buy in-game items and purchases to essentially take a shortcut in the game to get the better players and club. With the addition of FIFA Ultimate Team within FIFA World they hope that you will pay real money to open FIFA packs in order to find the higher rated players such as Lionel Messi and Ronaldo.

Due to the immense success they’ve received with FIFA Ultimate Team and the profits it brings, EA Sports have been adding this game mode to literally all their sporting games such as Madden, NHL and NFL. Ultimate Team is now EA Sports’ cash cow.

Where to download FIFA World?

FIFA World is currently in its beta development stage so the full game isn’t released at the time of writing this article. However the beta version is still free to download and can be downloaded from Origin.