As was previous stated FIFA, along with their provider EA, have launched a FIFA 14 EA Application, for players to keep up to date with their squads on line, but the latest edition to this has been an application launched specifically for both IOS and for Android. This therefore allows players to edit and alter their squads from the convenience of their handsets. Players can now make changes anywhere, whether this is on the way to school or whilst driving to work. This FIFA 14 EA Application is tailored for the new FIFA 14 ultimate team and is one of the latest features for the game.

Players had been anticipating FIFA moving forward with the times for quite some time and have now had the prayers answered in the form of the FIFA 14 EA Application. The launch of the FIFA 14 EA Application is likely to see an explosion of both interest in the game for those who would not have previously played, as well as a new edge to how games are played and players traded. For example previously the markets would fluctuate in the evenings and the mornings with players’ login in to ultimate team, but now with the App a smoothing affect is likely to occur in regards to the market.

There are a range of new features with the new mobile application but unfortunately as with the computer app they exclude being able to play actual games. This may disappoint a number of players but the convenience of the app in a number of different areas is likely to make up for this.

The most important feature regarding the app is the ability of players to access the EASFC feed, keeping up to date with both other players and their friends. Players can now be bought, sold and lent to friends from the convenience of players handsets. Players can also use the application to apply filters to their search, as well as being able to manage their bids for particular players. This is going to bring players together in a new unforeseen way. Players will also be able to use the application to access and manage their players watch list, as well as the trade pike and items they may wish to purchase.

The FIFA 14 EA Application itself was launched for players on December the 17th 2012, and can be used by any individual who has Android 2.3.3 or higher, or any IOS platform. Of course you will, however, need to already have an account on console or PC, with people not just being able to download the FIFA 14 EA Application on their handsets to play.