The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Game mode is one of the latest features which EA sports have thrown into the game to ensure it remains engaging with players. Within the FIFA 13 Ultimate game mode the latest addition to this new mode is the challenge the team of the week feature. Players must first understand however exactly how EA sports compile its team of the week. This will help players best challenge it and benefit from it. The team of the week is chosen by FIFA based on recent match performance from all players and all leagues within the game.

Recent match performance means all games in which a player would have played. These may include both league games, such as Serie A, as well as tournaments such as the UEFA champion’s league. Each player will be ranked on personal performance irrespective of how their team performs. After EA sports developers have ranked each and every player they will choose a team of the week. Only one player may be in the squad from each position, so look out for the best performers.

After each player has been ranked, they will be selected and put in their given position within the team of the week. It is likely that the team of the week will consist of a number of different players from different leagues who have performed well in recent games. Players will then be able to see how their squad faces up against the team of the week by playing it with their team. This is one of the most popular new features of the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Game mode.  Players will be rewarded with coins if their team can beat this team.  Players should not be scared to play this team as it is likely it will suffer from bad chemistry, due to drawing players from numerous countries and numerous leagues. Players should make sure chemistry is an area in which they excel before playing the team.

The FIFA 13 Ultimate Team game mode has also got a second key feature which is the FIFA online seasons game mode. This is a stark contrast to the old game were all seasonal games would be played on console. Players will be able to join divisions online and compete for trophies as well as being challengers for both promotion and trophies within the league.