As usual EA Sports have chosen E3 as their venue to showcase and tease their huge fan base with a glimpse inside the future.

News coming from within outlays that FIFA 15 will be playable on: –

  • Xbox 360 + Xbox One
  • PlayStation 3 + 4
  • Wii
  • PC
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Mobile Phone Devices (iOS + Android)

Along with this piece of information EA informed the world that the PC platform will contain their ‘Ignite’ game engine that provides tighter, more realistic actions from players on the pitch. Most people would have thought they would have introduced this game engine to the PC on FIFA 14 due to the general higher specs gaming PC’s have nowadays.

Note: The Ignite game engine will not be coming to predecessor game console such as the Xbox 360 and PS3.

My thought process behind why they have now decided to release the ignite gaming engine to PC is that they don’t want to hold back hardcore gamers from owning the highest spec version of FIFA. For those who don’t have high enough spec’d PC’s then they can download FIFA World Beta for free. FIFA World Beta is simply a lite version of the real thing and is playable on nearly all PC’s. However this does come at a cost of gameplay and graphics. The good thing about the FIFA World Beta edition is that it has all the game modes the main game has – including FIFA Ultimate Team.

When is FIFA 15 Released?

FIFA 15 will be released in Europe on the 26th September 2014.

Usually FIFA is released in South America a few days before Europe, however, if you purchase an EA Season Ticket you will be able to download the FIFA 15 game 3 days before the Europe release date as a ‘early access’.

The EA Season Ticket is literally a membership for all EA sports games for the next 364 days. It provides you with 3 days early access to the full game including the Ultimate Team game mode. Providing you with a head start on the rest of the world. Not only that you will receive cheaper FIFA packs when buying them with real money. But as we all know, buying packs with real money is inefficient compared to buying FIFA Coins online from sites such as ourselves at FUT Coins Now. This is because when buying FUT Coins you’re guaranteed a set number of coins rather than gambling on buying packs with real money to pull a valuable player which is highly unlikely.

What’s New in FIFA 15? 

From what has been announced so far not much has wet the lips of hardcore FIFA gamers. Below we’ll explain why.

  • Living Pitches – Pitches will degrade the more players have trodden on them. They will start the become worn and with further rain they will become physically harder to play on, just like real life. When player’s slide marks will be left on the pitch and the shirts will become muddy. Plus corner flags will now wave – GAME CHANGER.
  • Authentic Player Visuals – As we already know, EA have photo captured nearly all players from the biggest of clubs in Europe. Once they captured their faces they’re downloaded and implemented into the game. However currently there are only 3 standard body types as FIFA Club users will know – Lean / Average / Stocky. This will be scrapped and player’s actual physiques will be installed into the game. So expect a ab-ripped Cristiano Ronaldo!
  • Emotional Intelligence – EA have created 600 individual player responses that will play out depending on the situation on the pitch. So if a renowned ill-tempered player such as Pepe or Balotelli gets fouled heavily they will react in an equally furious temperament. Whether or not they can be penalized for this we’re yet to find out.
  • Man-To-Man Battles – With increased player physiques EA are able to further develop one-on-one combat between players challenging for the ball. You will now be able to shirt pull and actually see the shirt being stretched.
  • Dynamic Match Presentation – Whilst playing in certain stadiums the crowd, players and commentators will all react uniquely. So whilst playing in a Premier League stadium such as Old Trafford, the crowd will chant United related chants in English. Commentary will be improved along with real-time reactions from your benched players.
  • Team Tactics – Users can now quick set team tactics depending on how the game is playing out. If you’re 1-0 up and under a lot of pressure you might want to park the proverbial bus.. and now you can. You can set defensive team tactics such as park the bus whereby all your players will defend or you can set it to ultra attacking whereby all your players will go flat-out to get you that goal.


As an avid FIFA player I’ve seen the game develop throughout the years and I believe there’s a fine line between making the game realistic and ruining essentially a fun game.

Who wants to play against someone who has 11 players behind the ball all the game and play on the counter attack? It’s just not fun. From my perspective it seems FIFA 15 is just an upgrade on visuals from what has been announced so far and there are core elements of the game that still need patching. Starting with the kick-off glitch where ‘cheap’ players hold LB + A from the kick-off and immediately set their guy running into your final third. The player who has the ball then has to simply hold LB and press Y for a chipped through ball so you’re instantly 1 on 1 with the opposition’s goal keeper. The next thing I would nerf is heading. In FIFA 14 about 70% of goals are conceded by headers whether that’s from open play or corners. Granted I can see them potentially being nerfed by player’s physiques being improved as currently Messi can out-jump and win headers against literally any aerial veterans such as Bruno Alves. Nevertheless I’ll still be buying the game!

Below is the official trailer shown at E3