The ability of your squad in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team and its effectiveness in games you play will depend upon the amount you have spent on your squad. Hence the overall quality of any players’ given squad can be accessed somewhat by looking at the net current value of the squad. Hence all players of FIFA ultimate team will be looking to accumulate large numbers of FIFA 14 Coins in order to improve their squad. This article will take you through some of the best ways to accumulate FIFA coins.

Players of FIFA ultimate team would have undoubtedly stumbled upon the two most prevalent ways to accumulate FIFA coins. These two ways can be divided into two main tactics. This first and second are both scams as has been described in other articles, and include the duplication glitch, as well as the doubling of FIFA coins scam. Players need to therefore find ways which both EA sports and other players regard as legitimate to accumulate coins, opposed to searching for FIFA coins based scams.

As we stated at the beginning of this article, we will now take you through several ways to make FIFA coins legitimately. The first and most simple way involves buying and selling players at different prices. Players just need to guess the market for players and sell them when their value is higher.  Players will, however, need some sort of insight into the player market and when prices may fluctuate. The actual value of a player will depend on a recent performance in real life games. Should a player do well, his value will ultimately rise. Players should therefore keep an eye on real life games, if they are looking to up the amount of coins that they have.

Players can second guess players which will likely rise in value by a significant margin. The first way is to look out for specific tournaments, where certain players may excel. If you happen to hold some of the best players, make sure they are players which have made current champions leagues squad. More game time will mean a greater chance of the players seeing increases in ratings. Players may also wish to look out for players months in advance, who are tipped to play more games in the coming season.  Should these players actually get more game play, their value will undoubtedly rise significantly. Players of the game can then sell off players based upon market conditions, in order to see a profit.

Every time you decide to play a game on FIFA 14 ultimate team you will be in the running to make some FIFA coins. To ensure you make coins you need to perform well. In crude terms this means either coming out of a game with a win or a draw. This alone is not enough however as your squad must also be profitable. Profitability of a squad basically means that the amount of coins you receive from playing each game exceeds that of the amount you pay for your squad in the form of wages.  Tournaments are an excellent option as rewards relative to contracts are often high.

If you feel your squad is not quite up to the standard to win games on FIFA ultimate team, do not worry. There are several ways to win FIFA coins which are independent of game play. One of the easiest ways for those not wanting to play games is buying FIFA Packs, however, a cheaper and more efficient way of getting FIFA 14 Coins is to buy the coins themselves from trusted websites!