If you have been an avid player of FIFA ultimate team and have used internet forums for both tips and information, you would have probably heard of the FIFA ultimate team duplication glitch by now. Con-artists use this scheme as another crude way to steal from players, with them advertising the scheme as the FIFA ultimate team duplication glitch. Complaints to both EA sports and fan based sites would suggest that thousands of players have fallen for these types of scam. This is probably because it does not sound as obvious as the coin generation scam, which may make it seem legitimate among certain users.

As with pretty much all FIFA ultimate team scams, the player duplication scam pulls in potential marks via websites and forums. These forums are always separate from both EA sports own forums, as well as accredited players forums, such as the one which can be found on this website. Players will often find illegitimate or simply unregulated forums by troubleshooting their problems on Google. The con-artists operation have also become smarter, posting a mixture of useful and scam based information on forums, as well as being able to register scam sites with search engines. If you want to be fully aware of FIFA scams you can Click Here to view them all and learn how to protect yourself.

Of course after reading this information you probably want to know how the scam may begin. The first step of the FIFA ultimate team duplication glitch scam tends to be a con-artist hitting forums, pretending to be a committed player of FIFA ultimate team. It is also likely that the con-artist will try and empathise with other players, by suggesting he has also fallen foul in previous scams, yet has finally found a good way to replicate players. It must also be noted that reading players other posts is not a certain way to gauge legitimacy with scammers often posting genuine information to build trust. Once this trust has been built with the con artist, it is likely that he will state how he has finally found the FIFA ultimate team duplication glitch, which helped him to create his dream team, and of course he will want to share it with you. Tactics of the scammer may also involve posting a perfect dream team which is claimed was duplicated. This team will undoubtedly consist of either stolen players or those bought.

Irrespective of what information the con artist provides, the final piece of information he will request will be your account log in details. This is to simply grant the con artist full access to your account.  Once this has happened, the scammer will initially transfer all of your coins, and swap your players for the most basic ones. The FIFA Ultimate team duplication glitch has also been highlighted by EA sports, who will of course have little sympathy for those trying to deceive them. Also remember scammers will once again make out you are simply scamming EA and getting one up on them, but this is never the case.