Many players may have read about the fact that packs can be won via manager tasks, though may have been sceptical regarding the quality of cards. However gold packs are available. The completion of FIFA 14 Ultimate team manager tasks is both simple and an easy way to get new players and coins.

The manager tasks themselves consist of 12 tasks, which target a number of areas of your game play. The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Manager Tasks are as follows:-

Apply a contract item; apply a fitness item; apply a morale item; change your club kit; change your club ball; change your club crest; change your club stadium; play a match in a tournament; challenge the team of the week; use the buy now feature in the auction house; list a layer in the action house and play your first match in season play.

A walkthrough of how to complete the manager tasks is outlined below:-

The first task was to apply a contract item. To do this head into squads on your menu then find the active squad feature. You can the pick a player, select his actions, then apply a contract to the player. You will however need to have a contract card which can be bought in the transfer market if you don’t have one already.

To apply a fitness item to a player you must again head into your active squad, selecting a consumable and then fitness. If you don’t have a card you can head into the store and get one there.

In order to attach a morale item you should select squads, go into your active squad, select the desired player, look for player actions, apply a consumable to this player, then select team pep talks. This feature gives a motivational speech that boosts confidence and performance.

To change the kit that your squad is wearing look for the club display on the menu, select your club, then make the item active. To select a different ball to play with head into the club menu, select your current ball, then look for new balls, then ensure the new item is made active.

Your team will probably not have the badge which you wish them to play with straight away. You can go into the similar menu to change and modify the badge relatively simply.

The next task consists of changing the stadium in which your squad plays. Just select the club, then your personal club and then stadiums making the feature active.

As was previously stated playing matches in tournament mode is a great way to earn extra coins. Playing a match in tournament mode is also a manager task. Just select a tournament match and complete it. Win or lose you will complete your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Manager task irrespectively.

The next manager task involves playing the current FIFA team of the week. The team of a week as a whole will be outlined more comprehensively at a later date though is relatively simple to understand. In order to complete the manager task just select play team of the week and play a match. The result doesn’t matter you complete the FIFA 14 manager task either way. The ‘buy it now manager task’ is relatively easy to complete. This simply involves buying a player within the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer market. Just select a price of a player and buy. You can also list a player within the auction house in the same manner. Just look at player actions and list.

The playing the first seasonal match is pretty self explanatory and involves playing a league game either online or just on the console.