In a nutshell, the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is a new gaming platform which allows players to construct a dream team from any league they want.  Players can then use their dream team to play in leagues and tournaments, in order to win both prizes and trophies. Tournaments and leagues are organised and governed by EA sports, who often will have requirements for players who wish to enter certain leagues. Players can also join a professional league at the bottom, as is in real life and win the league which will secure promotion for their team.

All players within FIFA 14 Ultimate team are divided into three distinct categories, consisting of Bronze, Silver and Gold players, depending on their abilities and skill level. Bronze players are often those from low down the leagues, such as the English Division 2 and have a rating up to 64. Silver players are rated up to 74 and being from a range of leagues, whilst gold players are obviously the best, often consisting of top flight stars who are rated between 75 and 99. The price of any given player at any given time is subject to market forces within the game, with popularity being the main determinate of price. Of course this means that performance on the pitch in real life will affect the value significantly. Your team is unique to you, and you are free to include whatever players you like, though certain tournaments will have entrance requirements.

As was previously stated there are three main categories of players, which consist of bronze, silver and gold players. Within these categories there is also a sub division with players being described as either normal, rare, in form, team of the season or team of the year. Normal rated players tend to be average players from a range of leagues. Rare players are somewhat harder to acquire as there are less of them found in packs and in form players are those who have recently performed well in real life. An example of an inform player may be a striker who recently nets a hat trick for his team and out-performs the rest of the strikers in the world. This will increase his value within the game as his stats will have been boosted to reflect his recent upturn in form. All players are displayed on cards, whose background colours highlight what category they belong to.

Players can view the footballers in their current squad by opening up the main squad screen via selecting ‘active squad’. Next to this screen players will see pictures of their footballers with a small box next to the picture further denoting the actual position of the player. The position will be characterised with standard FIFA abbreviations such as CM for central midfielder. The actual colour of the box provides an insight into the status of the player in regards to your current squad, with a green box meaning he is in the right position, alternatively if this is red it means you are playing your player out of position. Different shades of green will help players identify the suitability of the player they have selected for the given position they would like them to play. Players can however ensure that this is optimised by looking at players nationality, club and desired position. Perfect or near perfect chemistry would be the result of players being in preferred position, of the same nationality and the same club. This is of course difficult to attain, especially at the higher level. Players with perfect links and perfect positioning will have an individual chemistry rating of 9 that will be added to your total chemistry score. You want to aim for 100 chemistry for your players to play at their maximum potential.

As was previously touched on, FIFA 14 ultimate team is unique from other FIFA games, due to players being able to trade players, based on their performance in real life matches. Players will however face a 5% tax when selling players on the transfer market which works in the following way.  A player sold for 1000 coins will result in a gain of 950 coins and a net loss of 50 coins to tax. The main objective of the game can best be characterised as making the best squad possible subject to the constraint of limited FIFA Coins.